Wednesday, August 29, 2012

When Pinterest Fails You

So, today I'm going to show you the sad, sad hair-do I am rocking right now thanks to our beloved website, Pinterest.

The Unicorn Braid:
Tested and failed

The pin I saw was so cute, like really, really cute. My attempt? The opposite of cute. This looks like my 3 year old niece did my hair - or maybe my 5 year old nephew. It looks nothing like the original pinner promised. 
(at least my new earrings from Jewelry Nut Auctions on FB are cute, no?)


So, I guess fine, blonde hair is not ideal for this "braid", or what? It's not even a real braid and I'm actually capable braiding! I'd be lying if I said this was the first Pinterest fail I've experienced but, come on, how easy does this chick make this hair style look?! Bah humbug. Damn you, Pinterest.

And for a good laugh, let's all look at my WORST Pinterest hair fail of all time. It's REALLY, really (really really really) bad.


In this particular pin I was instructed to divide my hair into multiple different braids and run a flat iron over them. Once the hair was cooled I was to take the braids out and the hair was supposed to be perfectly wavy. 

ha. haha! Good one, Pinterest. Those are some PERFECT waves if I've ever seen them. Or not. No, definitely not even close.

I wish I could find the original pin for this one to share with you all but it doesn't seem to be on any of my boards any longer. My guess is it got deleted for the massive amount of disappointment it caused. 

As frustrating as they are, I do love a good Pinterest fail. Which fails have you all experienced lately?


  1. I did the same braid, flat iron tutorial and I looked like a crimped hair middle school girl, minus the huge bangs.

    My other fail was another natural waves tutorial with rollers you leave in overnight, I looked a hot mess.

  2. eek... There needs to be a segment called "When Pinterest Fails" because I for one have a couple, the worst?!

    All of my belts are HUGE and I always look funny trying to pin the extra around the back, well lovely Pinterest showed me some fun ways to tie the excess belt... I pinned it & saved it for a special occasion only to find out at the LAST minute, complete fail & my outfit just didn't look right {Maybe I should of tried it out earlier but hey, I blindly trusted Pinterest}

    Bah makes me mad all over lol

    Have a great day love!! :)

  3. I think I am finally coming to grips with the fact that all these chicks on pinterest have magical thick long flowing hair - which I do not. annnnnnd who knows how many times they had to try to get it to do right so they could pin that shit?

  4. Girl, please check out this blog: You. will. dieee

  5. Girl, I've tried them all. Sock bun curls, yeah right. But I'm still going to be checking pinterest.....

  6. That's not hot! I've been tricked before too, sad but true. Check out LOL, Pinterest projects gone horribly wrong!

  7. I have fine hair too so I know I can't do most of the pinterest styles either! :(

  8. OMG this is hilarious! That is how I feel when I see all the beautiful manicures on Pinterest! I could NEVER!

  9. I tried a tutorial for Sarah Jessica Parker curls and it was a total fail. I blogged about it too because it was that funny. I should've known better with my length of hair but at least it was a good laugh! I'd just like to see someone who had success with copying these hair ideas!

    At least your earrings are adorable ;)

  10. HAHA I have had a few FAILS too! Dang and they make it look so easy!

  11. The unicorn braid isn't THAT bad... it just looks like it needs to be a little tighter is all. Practice makes perfect. :) Those earrings are fantastic.

  12. Haha I'm so glad that I'm not the only one that Pinterest has failed when it comes to hair dos.

  13. I hate how Pinterest makes all of these ideas look so easy! I thought maybe the flat iron curls were too good to be true.

    Today, I wore yoga pants to work. Just thought you should know :p

  14. I've tried the flat iron curls and failed too! Maybe I just have weird hair?

  15. HAHAH girl you are hilarious! My hair NEVER looks like the tutorial pics! And I mean NEVER! DEF your newest follower!
    xoxo Darby
    Obviously Obsessed 

  16. Haha I saw the "flat iron your braid" pins, and pretty much knew that they wouldn't work. I don't ever try the pinterest hair stuff like this. They look like too much work or not enough work, so you know that they won't work. Nice try, though!

  17. I am all pin and no try, probably something I should work on. :)

  18. I always fall for the "totally easy!" curl tutorials. Little buns before bed. Roll hair in a little circle and flatiron. Braid and flatiron. I could go on forever. Not one of them have worked. Ever. In fact, the buns thing left me looking like I'd been electrocuted and I had to take another shower in the morning because there was no way to hide it. But I never stop trying. I don't know if that makes me a style-seeker or just silly. I say adventurous.

  19. I did the unicorn pony, along with other hairstyles that I saw via pinterest and others blogs (I blogged about it here, The unicorn pony...definitely not a fan. I saw the flat iron curls, but never tried it. There's no way that would work on my hair. Not even going to try it. Well, maybe hehe

    Btw, new follower :)


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