Thursday, February 28, 2013

I failed and it was all my fault.

Like many posts that I write that begin with a disclaimer, I should probably just go ahead and trash this now... but alas, the stubborn Polish-German girl inside of me is just going to keep going and hope I have a few friends once I'm done.

I've made it no secret that I was once engaged, you can read about it here if you need to get caught up to speed on that one. And I'm pretty sure someone has been waiting for more on that story because "i wore yoga pants engaged" seems to be a popular search term here, as of late. If you're confused don't worry, I am too. Anyways, long story short, I am no longer engaged or in a relationship with that person and I was the one to end the engagement.

So if you've already posted about this, why are you posting about this again, broken record girl Whitney? Well, lifestyle blogging is really cool in that I get to read and pick other people's brains all of the time. So much so that at times I feel so in tune with someone else's story that I feel like I'm actually living it. This topic, in particular, is one that I have felt a lot around here lately and I just figured it was time to weigh in my two cents about it. As always, this is just my personal opinion and does not, by any means, mean it is relevant to your personal situation.

Forcing the engagement.

Who is already ready to throat jab me into tomorrow? I promise, it's totally awesome to disagree with me, I won't be upset about it. Hell, I commonly disagree with a lot of the posts married women write about how us single ladies haven't even started our lives yet. It's cool... to each their own, right? Right.

Ok, so enough beating around the bush. Let's do this thing.
Here is why I plead and beg for all of you ladies dying to get engaged to just relax and wait it out. Here is my story about how I let my insane (like, Leann Rimes insane) obsession with getting a ring turn my life in to complete shambles.

Like I said in my other post, we dated for about 4 years on and off. I was consumed with the idea of growing up, getting married, getting the house, the kids, the whole shebang. I was an actual crazy person and looking back now I don't even know who that person was that I was being. It seemed like everyone around me was on their way to this life I had created in my head and I was on the other end forcing everything, trying to create the life, no matter what the other party involved thought of it. Some call that control freak, looking back now, I just call it nuts. Completely nuts. My head was all in the wrong place, to say the very, very (veryvery) least.

I went as far as joining an "in waiting" forum on a wedding website where I communicated with other ladies who were doing the same thing I was doing... waiting. Watching everyone else get the golden ticket to Willy Wonka's chocolate factory while we were just stuck in Charlie Bucket's run down house, also known as the "in waiting" chat forum. Sharing this little tidbit with the interwebz is not my finest moment but if I'm going to make a post like this, I've got to lay it all on the table here.

It took me about 2 days after he bought the ring for me to find it, because apparently I am a basset hound to diamond hunting. From there on out, I lost every last bit of sense I had left inside of me - which, if we're being honest here, wasn't very much. I would come home from work every day and wear the ring around the house until I knew he would be home soon, then I'd shove it back in the velvet ring box and back in the drawer it was "hidden" in. I was obsessed and what I was doing was not even a little bit ok. I know this now, obviously.

With the ring, unfortunately not the guy.
And it was a beautiful ring, I know because I hand picked the setting and insisted it was the one.

From there on out all he had to do was hold my hand a different way and I was convinced it was going to happen right then and there.. but obviously it didn't. From my other story, we know that I "found" it one day and that's how the "proposal" went down. Really cool. Really insane.  

So, I got my way. Everything I was waiting for, I finally got. I could proudly sport my sparkly ring around in public and go buy wedding magazines galore. I went and tried on dresses, I visited with countless venues, met with caterers. All of it. Three months later, what seemed like 1 million congratulatory messages, and one engagement party down, the excitement wore off and I woke up. 

I woke up hard. And then it all crumbled in front of me. All of the family members who had attended the engagement party and adorned us with so many expensive and thoughtful gifts, they'd all see my failed engagement. My mom, who had been so excited about planning her only daughter's wedding, she'd see my failed engagement. My best friends who agreed to stand next to me on my big day, they'd all see my failed engagement. I failed and it was all my fault

Kathy Lee says it best when she says "everyone has a story", so I know that so many of you other ladies in waiting, who are probably rolling your eyes at me today, will have completely different stories that will lead to an amazing and happy marriage with the love of your life. But just remember that it isn't always what it seems. It isn't always the right time. If it is the true love of your life, time is no measure and it's ok to wait it out a little bit. Don't let the facade of the glitz and the attention take over what's most important, like I did.

In the end "Que Sera, Sera", or "Whatever will be, will be".

I can whole heartedly say that it was the craziest learning experience I have ever witnessed and I'm in a hell of a lot better place in my life now. I'm stronger, I'm happier, I'm way more independent, and most of all, I'm so content with being a non-married twenty-something woman. (Also a shit ton more level headed... but that really wasn't too hard to come by.) I only wish I could have read about someone else's crazy story like this 3ish years ago so I could have avoided the whole fiasco. Just kidding, like I'm really capable from learning from other people's mistakes. 

Oh, and if you feel like chasing me away with a stick because you don't want my bat shit crazies to rub off on you, I understand. I like to think they're gone now though. I think it was the ring's fault, which was give back a long time ago.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Whitney's What the? Wednesday

Well hey there Wednesday, we meet again.
I just spent a good portion of my morning at an office furniture store in search of the perfect desk chair for my new office. My boss legitimately made me sit in about 40 desk chairs, which turned out to be incredibly awkward, so just let that sink in and paint a picture for the kind of day I've had so far.
In case you were wondering, we finally agreed on one and it now sits in my new, empty office.

Anyways, let's get this show on the road.

Janet Jackson is married. Again.
Just go ahead and let that marinate for a second because if you are anything like me, you haven't heard her name since around the time where JT introduced us to her right knocker. Her husband's name is, once again, something I can not pronounce but for the sake of this post I will refer to him as the Man. Close enough.
Their wedding gifts to one another were donations to charity, or something very celebrity like that. My guess is that one of these said charities is probably the culprit of leaking these super secret nuptials. Either way, congrats to Mr. and Mrs. the Man. I guess.

Nicki Minaj wants to be an actress.
Because, in case you were wondering, what she is currently doing is not actually considered acting. Having 7 personalities doesn't equate to one actress, apparently, and now I'm just confused as to what it takes.
Big, huge props to that agent. This is sure to be an interesting ride for whoever she found to take that job on. Here's to hoping she finds someone to work with her on that British accent she's always trying to pull off.

MTV recently aired one of their classiest shows to date that even puts the worst Snooki days of Jersey Shore to shame. Buckwild is the name and I may, or may not, have found myself shamelessly tuning in to watch this train wreck on the regular. Well, it turns out that one of the stars of the show, Salwa, has been arrested for trafficking drugs. Not just any drugs though... freaking heroin. The real stuff.
I wish I could say that I tagged this one to be the shadester from the beginning but I actually thought she was the sweet one. Goes to show how great my judge of character is. I'm thinking this could be the start of a beautiful friendship for Salwa and Teen Mom's Amber Portwood.
Chicks that rehab/prison together, stay together.

This might be my most favorite story of the week...  Little Miss Teen Delaware has officially resigned from her fancy title and has given her sparkly crown back. Turns out, this class act of an 18 year old has bigger ambitions in life. She was recently quoted in a questionable video saying something along the lines of "I like being on top" and she isn't talking about the beauty queen pyramid.
Yep, that's right, this little lady recently stared in a good, old fashioned porno and she doesn't intend to stop now. Well, ok then... Maybe she'll be offered to take Salwa's spot on Buckwild, I really feel like she'd be a great choice for season 2.
All I know is that the runner up didn't realize that when she jokingly called this chick a whore for beating her, she wasn't really that far from the truth.

It looks like Taylor Swift dressed in disguise on Tuesday night and attended a One Direction show. Ok, just kidding, I don't have confirmation of that but Harry Styles did get nailed in the man jibblets by a shoe while performing on stage and I just can't help but hope it was some undercover T.Swizzy friend who got paid off. Not that I would ever do that to one of my exes or anything...
Though I really wouldn't mind getting the shoe-thrower's rates. Someone's got great aim.
I'd also like to know if T.Swizzle really is paying someone to do this and when the next show will be. Probably the only time I'd pay to see One Direction.

Pornos, heroin, and shoes to crotch.
What a week!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Trying Too Hard

Trying too hard.

Those are three words that never fail to leave me confused. What does that even mean anyways? All through life, as far as I can remember, people always seemed to throw that little phrase around like it was the ultimate dis and I just don't understand it. Why is trying hard a negative thing?

In school when I tried really hard I found success and made better grades. 

When I graduated I tried really hard to find a job and I found one.

At work when I try really hard I make more money.

In relationships when I try really hard they last longer.

In friendships when I try really hard I'm a better friend.

My question remains, why is this usually meant to be such a negative thing? I'll be the first to admit that I do try hard. Not only just on my blog but in all of the things I just mentioned and probably many more that I can't think of right now. I have a really hard time finding the bad in this though, personally, and I think that when you stop trying that's when things go bad. Shouldn't the negative feelings be for those who aren't trying their hardest?

I mean, I get it, pushy salesmen can be pretty overbearing but that's just how they make their living. That's just who they are. At least they're doing something because something has got to be a hell of a lot better than nothing, right? 

Right now in my life there are a few things I'd really like to change but I know that if I don't try my damnest to make them happen I won't get that change. Because I can remember when I used to try harder to fit in at school than I did at trying to succeed in my dancing and that showed at nationals when I only scored a silver medal on my solo. I want my ultimate gold medal in life now, not the silver, and, just like that last year of dance, if I don't try I'm only mediocre. I'm only a silver medal.

As always, when I spill my guts here, I have no idea where I'm really going with this. Only that I'm about to start trying really, really damn hard to make some changes in my life and I can only hope that's not a negative thing. I'm finally ready for my ultimate gold medal.

And I'm not talking about dance or going to compete against high schoolers at nationals this summer. Just to clear that up.

Monday, February 25, 2013


If you're here for an Oscars recap you're in the wrong place, but I think most of you probably know that.

My flight didn't get back until 11:15 last night which was fine until I came to find out that my luggage decided it wanted to spend the night in Philadelphia (where my connecting flight was). Supposedly it will make it's appearance in Florida today but I've seen Meet the Parents and I know what I could be in for. So, shout out to US Air for that little treat.

I really can't complain though, my weekend was seriously worth every ounce of exhaustion I feel this morning. And also worth the 4 days, or so, of this hungover feeling I've got going on right now. I like to think these are all just great reminders that I did my vacation proud.

Ok, blab blab blab. I will now attempt to show you as much of my NYC weekend in photos, though I've got to be honest and admit that there aren't many photos of us at night. Mostly because by that point we had a little too much Fireball whiskey and working our phones proved to be a difficult task.

This song was the anthem of our trip thanks to Sephora blaring it and getting it stuck in our heads.

Friday after we got settled in our hotel room we set out to the brewery to grab some lunch and bevys. I tipped a few heavy drinks back during this because I made a promise to go ice skating and I don't ice skate.
Check the chick on the ground behind me. Safe to say I'm shocked that's not me.
Kelly had a much better time skating than I did. Luckily I brought some Fireball in my purse which helped me feel a little better about my horrible lack of coordination, balance and grace. Let's just say I wont be making it to the winter olympics next year.

I like furry things on my head.
I felt like a black bear.

Saturday I didn't get to take all that many pictures thanks to Mother Nature. It literally rained all. day. long. I had to purchase a $3 umbrella and I'm still not even positive that it actually provided any shield from said rain. Hallelujah for sangria.
And because I have the appetite of a toddler, my pigs and a blanket lunch gets to be featured here.
It's tough being this fancy.

Panoramic view of our room while we did a little pregaming before our Saturday night bar hopping extravaganza.

Sunday was... rough waking up. To say the very, very, veryvery least. Shout out to bar hoping around Times Square that never seemed to close for that one.

Once we got up and moving we made it to one of my favorite brunch spots for unlimited mimosas. And maybe a shot or two... 
We hung out there until it was time to make our way to the airport. Sad sad.

To say I wasn't ready to leave NYC would be a massive understatement. I'm in total NYComa today and I feel like I should spend most of this week searching for a job there so I can move. Yes, I'm serious.

Also, while browsing all of my photos for this post I realized that I have issues smiling for photos.
This face is really attractive.

And that's all I've got for you today.
I'm going to go plot my move to NYC now... let me know if any of you New Yorkers need a housekeeper or something. Maybe a dog walker or a friend to drink wine with?


Friday, February 22, 2013

Go Fix Your Hair

Good morning, sweet bunnyflies. And by good morning I mean that I have already been awake for 6 hours and if I'm not actually hammered drunk, pretending to be Carrie Bradshaw, by the time this posts it will be a very bad morning. You will just have to tune in on Monday to figure out which of the two happened. 
(or on the twit machine for live updates... at least until I'm too drunk to tweet)

As far as today goes, well, I've got a treat for you. A real life celebrity. On MY blog.
I'm getting closer to my own fame... I can almost smell it.
Oh wait, no, that's just the hairspray fumes from my guest poster. Sorry.


HI! I'm Maxine, sometimes called Max, Meredith, Mackenzie, or News Lady.

You can find me here at MAXOUT, or watch me anchor the evening news. I'm in for Whitney today while she's in New York trying to land a job with Robin Roberts and Matt Lauer on Good Morning America. I'm hoping to see her here at the studio soon before her interview... it'll be any moment now...

Kidding. I'm not that cool and Robin and Matt don't even work together. (know your news people)

I'll get to my job in a little bit, but just know it's honestly not that exciting.

I came across Whitney's blog the day she posted a video of her slurring words while drinking whiskey saying sweet nothings, and literally passing out in front of us. I didn't mind that my Grandma was behind me watching it too, she asked who that blonde girl was, and I responded with, "my friend"-- it was blogger friendship at first site... even though Whit didn't know it yet.

It was here I discovered the "blogger community" and learned all about link-ups and giveaways. I even started wearing yoga pants to work, and it was the best decision I've ever made. No one can see them on camera anyways.

Since I am on camera, I have to be honest with you and say that I have to keep my posts a little filtered, but that doesn't mean a "shit" won't slip every now and then. I should probably use "filtered" lightly -- as long as I don't give you my opinions on politics, religion, and current events, I can say whatever I want. But honestly, if you are here on a yoga pants blog, the only politics you'll see are "Vote For Whitney and Her Manfriend" and if you don't vote 500 times each day she'll tweet saying mean, hurtful, terrible things about your hair.

It's true.

Whit's not the only bully one though. I get emails/facebook messages/phone calls about my hair on the hour. Some people love it, others want to cut it off and never want to see me on television again. I can't help but laugh, take a screen shot, and one day hope I can share them with the world.

and today I was given that chance to show some of my favorites.


and you thought I was kidding.

this one isn't about my hair, but you get the point, 

and my grandma likes to join in too... 

the subject line kills me, and it's "lose" grandma! Get it together. 

I knew the day I walked into this biz, I would hear some crazy things. Yesterday someone called saying I should change my name to Joyce. I can't make this stuff up. Enough about me and my hair and my job. I usually write about make-up, break-ups, and what's in my bag. Exciting, I know. 
Now, let's talk about my love for Justin Bieber... 

oh... I'm getting called... Whitney is here in the studio. I'm being told she refuses to put down the large box of Franzia and the dogs in her purse WILL be allowed in the building.

I have to go.

I guess you have to read about my love for the biebz on my page today.


- -


And just like that, I learned something new today.
I actually made a friend from my vlog. Who knew?

GO VOTE PLEASEEEE! Click 'Save Vote' until it wont let you click anymore!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Is ombre still a thing? {tutorial}

So last night, while I was putting off the pile of work I need to finish before I jetset off to NYC tomorrow, I found myself on Pinterest. Big mistake. Obviously I know better.
Or not. 

Same old story, I found a project I wanted to try, I stopped everything I was doing, and got my go-go gadget supplies gatherer arm out. Before I knew it I was Whit Nye the Science Gal and I was mixing nail polish together like I was on a mission to find the cure for cancer.

Here's what I came up with and how...

I'm not even sure that ombre is still a trendy thing but this is what felt right for my NYC manicure.
I am Carrie Bradshaw now, duh.

The pin I found was pretty much useless in that it was just a series of photos that lead me nowhere. 
Go figure. Story of my life.
Here's my take on how to get yourself some ombre nails. Proceed with caution.

You will need:
Base polish
White polish
Black polish
Polish brush you don't mind mixing in other polish
Mixing tool
Tin foil (or anything you don't give a damn about ruining)

Next you want to take your polishes and do some mad science with them.
This is the fun part... also the messy part. My hands look like a child who just finger painted. Still, right now.

Here is your concoction for each nail. I recommend using it equally on both hands. Just a thought.

Once you've mixed your polishes together with your fancy tool (or wooden stick), take your polish brush, grab the polish and polish the appropriate finger nail.

Wash, rinse, repeat, until all nails look awesome, trendy and ombre.

Oh, and maybe I added a little pizzaz (aka glitter) to my ring finger for good measure.
Linking this bad boy up with Katie and Steph for Saw it, Pinned it, Did it.

Like it? Love it?

And now I'm off to the big city.
Well, not exactly right now... at 5:15AM tomorrow, to be exact. If you cringed at that, you're right.

Anyways, now please meet my sweet friend Niki, who is a fashion blogger, and is showing off her awesome bloopers on my blog. I love a good blooper.


Hi everyone!!!  I'm Niki, the lip gloss loving blonde behind the blog Glossy Blonde.

A little about me... I'm a champion shopper (I thank my Dad for that), an avid hoarder of beauty products and a sucker for a great style find.  I am also a huge animal lover and have two dogs and a cat (all rescues).  If you follow me on or Vine (), you will be flooded by photos/videos of my "babies."  Oh, you don't even know.  (I love my husband, too, but he doesn't seem to get as much attention as the pets do.)
But, since you can go to my blog any day and see my personal style posts, outfit styling ideas, favorite beauty products, etc., I decided to show you a different side of me...
It's a lot of fun to take photos, especially with my husband (he always finds a way to make me laugh).  But most of the time, I am SUPER uncomfortable in front of the camera, so I end up doing stupid things.  As evidenced above... and below.
smile big for the camera!!! (what am i doing?!)
i'm freezing!  it was 17 degrees out.  as in 1-7.
because it's always a great idea to do outfit photos with your dog... who sees another dog walking by.
cranky moonbeam. "i'm getting maaaaadddd"
and then, there's always nature to wreak havoc on a photo shoot
Thanks for reading!  And thank you to the beautiful Whitney for having me!  This girl always puts a smile on my face! Stop by Glossy Blonde sometime and say hello!  I'd love to meet you!


NYC, here I come. Wish me luck that I don't freeze to death!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Whitney's What the? Wednesday

I yelled at a man mowing grass before 8am this morning, so if I'm slightly feisty today blame it on the man who interrupted my dog while she was trying to do her morning biznass.

For those of you who guessed that I hate scary movies yesterday, you're right. I prefer to pee pee in the potty, not in my pants. Thank you. As for the other two... well, find me in an old bar in Tallahassee and there's a good chance I'm at the jukebox searching for Journey or Eddie Money songs to drunkenly belt out. And my blankie... well, I don't really have anything to say for myself. I wrap it around my neck when I sleep and use it as a pillow. Call me weird, it's cool.

Alright, let's dish some celeb goods now.

It's been quite a month for our resident pretty boy, Biebz. Turns out a bunch of crazy dudes have been plotting to castrate and murder sweet little Beauty and a Beat. Don't worry Max, the psycho castrators were recently captured and taken to jail... complete with the creepy scarf they've been carrying around to use on our pop prince's man jibblets.
Hang in there, big guy. Whatever man jibblets Selena left you with are going to be safe and sound.
Be sure to send Canadian border patrol a nice fruit basket for that one.

Next let's have a quick chat about Eve. If you have no idea who Eve is, don't worry - I forgot she existed too. She's the one with the paw prints on her knockers. I think she used to rap but that's up in the air, I didn't really feel like putting the energy in to Googling what she used to do before she fell off the Earth. Especially since she's been bad mouthing my Queen of Pop, Brit Brit. She was recently quoted saying that B.Spizzle's part in's new song, Scream and Shout, isn't actually B.Spizzle singing.
My guess is, if you put it in blogging terms, her pageviews are low and she's stirring shit up to get them back up. 
Meanwhile, Brit Brit is packing her bags for Vegas and is all, "It's really Britney, Bitch.".

Apparently there was a crasher at the Grammy's who pulled off the crash of the century. His name is something I've yet to learn but for the purpose of this post we'll call him Vitamin Sudoku, because that's what I read when I saw his name. This guy managed to make his way in the Grammy's, sat in Adam Levine's seat, and even presented a Grammy to J.Lo on stage, all without obtaining any credentials to the event at all. Homie has skills.
There's old Vitamin Sudoku on the far left. J.Lo's leg is just as confused as everyone else is as to who he is. And maybe also a little bit confused as to what the eff Adele is actually wearing.
Unfortunately for event crashers everywhere who were inspired by this little stunt, Vitamin has been arrested for trespassing and has to go to court. Nice try though.

It's no secret around here that I am a loyal fan to my girl, Miley Cyrus. Whether she's just being Miley, or that British kid from Harry Potter, I stand behind her - holding her beautiful, long weave, slightly missing Hannah Montana. Just a little. If you follow her at all, even just a little, you may have caught on that homegirl has a new puppy every other week. Seriously, she must own a farm of dogs. Well, she posted this little nonchalant of her, her sweet little puppy, a keyboard small enough for the puppy to play, oh and some herbs that appear to have recently been grinded up.
Alright then... That's one hell of a photobomb, Mary Jane.

Lastly, a pregnancy announcement. It looks like Feralicious will be joining the pregnant mafia with Kate, Kimmy and J.Simps. If I wasn't already painfully jealous that she gets to lay on top of Josh Duhamel Tad Hamilton whenever she pleases, I'm super jealous now. Sigh.
And another one bites the dust.

Have you voted today? No sign up necessary and you can vote 50 times a day.
Pretty please with unicorn fairy dust on top??

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

I'll tell the truth tomorrow, mom, don't you worry.

Today I'm supposed to tell a lie on my blog.
If you're new around here, you may not know this, but I'm usually straight forward. No lies, no sugar coats. 

There's a huge reason for this.

When I think about lying, I cringe a little bit. A lot a bit, actually.
You see, growing up my mom was a huge advocate for always telling the truth. I couldn't even get away with a pea sized white lie. No, seriously, if I only hate 4 peas but I told her I ate 5 I was in trouble. 
This probably explains why I've been tagged as honest to a fault on many occasions.

The back story on this goes a little something like this...
I had a little boyfriend in 6th grade named Tony, he was friends with some people I wasn't allowed to be friends with because of their reputations. Yes, it is possible to have a reputation in 6th grade... if you're my mother.

Let's call one of the girls in this group Danielle.
Danielle was the girl who taught other girls how to stuff their bras, was always in the office because her skirts didn't meet her finger tips, her tank tops were never 4 fingers wide and she had her first kiss far before the rest of us.
To say my mother wouldn't let me near Danielle would be an understatement.
I'm pretty sure she paid the principal off to assure I wasn't in any of the same classes as Danielle.

Well, one day Tony invited me to go to the movies. A double date. With Danielle and her flavor of the day.
Oh. Shit.
Of course I wanted to go, Tony had the coolest Jansport backpack in the entire grade. He was the total cats pajamas. I had to keep my composure and figure out a way to get around this Danielle scenario because if I knew anything it was that I couldn't be the loser who wasn't allowed to hang out with Danielle.

After pacing my room for what felt like 2 hours I figured it out. I was going to pull off the gymnastics routine of the century and pull a real fast one on my mom. I mean, after all, my dad was always the one to drive me to and from the movies. He didn't know Danielle from Kathryn.
So, I told my mom the biggest lie I've told in my entire life. (still to this day)

I was going to the movies with Tony, Kathryn and her friend Nick. That was that.
What could possibly go wrong?

Well, let me tell you. It went wrong. REAL wrong.
Kathryn called my house while I was supposedly at the movies with her.
Oh, yes she did.

The movie ends and we walk outside to get picked up by our parents.
There stands my mother... tapping her toe, fire in her eyes. My face flushed white and I think I felt my heart jump to my throat. I was in deeeeep doo doo.

I still chalk this story up to my lack of popularity throughout the rest of my grade school life.
And also why I fear telling lies.
Really... it's probably because I used to do this in my free time.

Ok. So, now that I've got that down. You all know how uncomfortable I am with this link up, but when my ladies host a link up I just have to support them. I'm biting the bullet. Just please, no one tell my mother. She might try and shut down my blog if she catches wind that I'm being influenced to lie again.
(insert shutter here)

1. I love scary movies.

2. I still sleep with a blankie.

3. I love 80's music. 

I'll tell the truth tomorrow, mom, don't you worry.

PS. Pleeeeeassseeee vote as many times as you can. We're catching up to first but there are some fierce competitors! 

Monday, February 18, 2013

A weekend of shenanigans.

Oh, Monday. Monday, Monday, Monday.
I woke up this morning frozen solid. And I know that's not what any of you Northerners want to hear from this little twit from Florida, but I am an actual Whitsickle this morning and I just had to say it.

Perhaps my state is just trying to prep me for my trip to NYC this weekend? All I know is that my Florida blood is not prepared for anything I'm about to encounter this Friday - Sunday.

I had a pretty phenomenal weekend which can only mean one thing. 
I've got to blog about it.
After all, Monday may be the most hated day of the week but as far as blogging is concerned, it's pretty much the sluttiest easiest day of the week. 
Especially when one of my favorite gals is hosting a link up dedicated to the weekend! 

As I told you all, Friday was my little polar bear nugget, Ella's, birthday! We had a little happy hour celebration for her. And by her, I mean there was one other dog which she was not related to. Girl doesn't get out much, what can I say?

Here we are, just celebrating our hearts out.
Maybe that thrilled look on her face is why more friends didn't show up to her party.

Friday night we took my mom out for sushit.
and by "sushit" I mean "sushi"... That was an actual error I just didn't want to fix right now.
I should probably reevaluate my vocabulary after that one.

We drank way too much saki and kind of wanted to die Saturday morning.

What do you do when you want to die on Saturday morning? 
Well... you go to Disney and drink it off, of course.
We were greeted at Disney by the most enthusiastic parking attendant I have ever witnessed. Homie was dancing from space to space with a smile on his face that put Super Bowl sign language man to shame. 

You know why Disney is really cool?
This pretzel right here.
Which may, or may not, have entertained me for a solid 5 minutes while I waited for my beer.

We got seats at the American Idol experience.
It used to be one of my favorite things at Hollywood Studios until the girl I wanted to win didn't win.
I think it was rigged.

Here is an attractive photo for you.

And another.
I was really cold.
And possibly intoxicated. 

Sunday I was shockingly productive so I don't have much to brag about.
Except I had pomegranate seed things and they were absolutely delicious.
And also some delicious Bagel Bites.
And my most favorite champagne ever.

And that's it, ladies and gents.
Now I must go back to work and figure out what I'm going to wear when I'm in NYC this weekend.

Oh, oh! I almost forgot.
My man friend and I are trying to win some iPad minis.
Vote for us please?
Also, you can vote 20 times a day... just in case you really want to help a sister out.

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