Friday, September 28, 2012

I'm late to the party (again)...

Oh, hi there. Today you all are going to be like "WTF is wrong with this chick?". I'm about two weeks late and a lot of dollars short (whatever the hell that actually means) but I'm finally getting my little ass aboard Erin's, from Living In Yellow, 'I believe' link-up train. No time but the present, eh? Let's call it fashionably late. 
Sorry for missing your party Erin, next time don't start without me. Geeze.

I believe in anything and everything that sparkles.

I believe in 90's pop music.

I believe in acting as humanly cheesy as possible.

I believe that if you can wear yoga pants to work you should do it multiple times a week.

I believe that lime juice makes water far more enjoyable.

I believe in never putting your iPhone down. Unless you're in the pool or shower, or something.

I believe that playing old rap songs is the only proper way to prepare for a night out.
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I believe that naked nails are sad nails.

I believe in smiling at strangers. It either makes their day or creeps them out. Win, win.

I believe in blonde highlights.

I believe in the Florida State Seminoles.

I believe in laughing until it hurts.

I believe in always accessorizing.

I believe in never giving up and always being accountable.

I believe chick flicks are good for the female's soul. 

I believe wine makes everything better. 

I believe in making faces when something is awkward.

I believe that no chore is executed correctly if you didn't dance during it.

I believe in carbohydrates. Lots and lots of carbohydrates. (suck it, Atkins)

I believe in keeping secrets.

I believe in life changing love.

I believe in taking chances.

I believe in doing what makes me happy and not worrying about what anyone else thinks.

I believe in making carpet angels.

I believe in spending multiple hours on Pinterest.

I believe in the person I have become.

I believe in foot popping kisses.

I believe in blogging about whatever you want to blog about.

I believe in best friends and soul mates.

I believe in overdoing it

I believe straws are the only way to drink all beverages.

I believe in staying true to myself.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Step in to Ella's Office {A Lifeguard Press Review}

Hello, sweet friends. Today I am faced with a new challenge here on my blog. A beautiful company, by the name of Lifeguard Press, has been so sweet and sent me a some goodies for me to review here. (yay, goodies!) Why is this a challenge, you may ask (bitch, you just got free stuff... stfu)? Well, I have yet to figure out how to review a product without sounding like a used car salesman. 

So, I decided to hand the reins over to my educated K9 companion, Ella, to help me out with this task.
Because she knows a lot about shopping and darling preppy items. After all, she was a Florida State girl with me.

Step into her office, wont you?

From what I've been able to decipher, Ella's thoughts towards this sweet Lilly Pulitzer notebook and matching pen are all positive and upbeat.

She really enjoys the durable feel to this fancy pen, as it rests against her thumbless paw, and how nicely she can jot down all of her HTML coding notes for blog designs in this handy dandy book.

Yeah, you all thought I was the mastermind behind Gettin Whitty With It didn't you? (suckaaas)
Homegirl buys her own dog food and supports her uneducated little brother. She's really going places.

In addition, I pick up the vibe that she is loving the designs on each page and how fun they make writing on a new page. 

Ella also appreciated that she can bring her notebook along to the dog park and doesn't have to worry about the cover getting messed up because it's nice, hard and protected.

That Lilly thinks of everything!

We give Lifeguard Press a big thumbs up (well, I let Ella borrow one of my thumbs so she could) and think you should go spend your paycheck this week at their store. Ella's thinking about spending her paycheck on some things from the Dylan's Candy Bar section of their shop.
Can't kick that dogs sweet tooth.

Anywho, that's all we've got for you today, friends. Happy it's-almost-Friday-day!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Wash, Rinse and Never Repeat

Hello, friends. Can we talk about laundry for a moment today?

I hatez it.

I am the girl who waits until she is completely out of articles of clothing to do laundry.

I may, or may not, also be the girl who has worn bathing suit bottoms as undies on occasion.
(not just in college)

For me, laundry is the biggest pain in the ass chore you could give me. I will never be that housewife you come home to find ironing and folding clothes.
(apologizing in advance to my future husband)

Shit, I'm lucky if my clean clothes even make it to my closet and drawers. 

These two hooligans thoroughly enjoy that I lack the laundry gene. 

They make beds on my dirty clothes and it's slightly disturbing, if we're being real here.

 Also, even more disturbing, they enjoy eating panties. When I do actually take the plunge to do a load (or 10) I have to dig under my bed to find the majority of my underroos.


If they were grown men I believe they'd have multiple ads on Craigslist, "seeking a young girlfriend".

These $90 velour Juicy sweat pants?

One of those sweet faced (future Craigslist creepers), little cutiekins up there have managed to digest not one but three pieces of $90 Juicy velour in their lifetime.

I know what you're thinking, I'm not even mad - that's amazing. Yeah, me too. 
Or not. 

They're lucky I had to learn to sew during the process of obtaining my degree in Fashion Design & Merchandising (which I use so often now).

Maybe if I actually got around to doing laundry every once in a while this would not be an issue.

Moral of this story... Well, I'm not really sure. I just needed to rant about all of the dirty clothing I have on my bedroom floor right now that I need to wash. I'm on the verge of being out of bathing suit bottoms which means it's either do a load or freeballin - which I tend to try and stay away from. Anyone want to come over and help a sister out? I supply wine and lots of it.

One last thing before I leave you for the day and not do laundry.

I lost my phone for about 45 minutes last night and later found it in my fridge...

Maybe I need to lay off the vino.

But if I did that I never would have found it. Riddle me that.

Hash tag catch22.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Good morning, my sweet lovers. Today I have a little bone to pick...
with myself. 
(Side note: WTF does that statement even mean? Pick a bone? Must have gotten it from my dad. Sounds really stupid. Moving on.)

I need to admit something to you all. Publix BOGO. I lovez it. I am incredibly mildly obsessed with roaming the isles of Publix every Thursday in search of the newest BOGO deals. Not even for the deal, not even slightly. Coupons? Yeah, I can wish to be one of those women with a stockpile of toothpaste I'm never going to put in my mouth but lezbihonest, your girl doesn't have the patience to sit down and go through a Sunday paper. Shit, I don't even know where I would obtain a Sunday paper.

BOGO = Buy one get one free.... for those of you who aren't familiar with my grocery store love, Publix. Or "Club Publix" as my local Publix in Tallahassee was referred to when I lived there. (I miss college. wah)
You bet your ass this girl was never caught dead at Club Pub in yoga pants back in the day. Nope, you don't ever drop by that Pub after a trip to the gym. 

Anyways, enough about my days as a college student. 
My problem obsession...

5 packages of Kraft macaroni & cheese.

We all need 5 packages of the classic blue box (or some rendition of the blue box) on hand at all times. What can I say? I'm a sucker for the powdered cheese (and Disney Channel character shaped pasta, duh).

You know, in case this ancient company decides to discontinue said product.

Shit goes on BOGO at least once a month, if you can't tell.

My bad.

As if the carbohydrate overload above wasn't enough for you, I'm the neighbor you want to visit if some sort of rice-side-conocotion famine goes down.

I may not have milk for you...

but I've got buffalo chicken flavored rice which you can conveniently prepare in under 5 minutes. 

You're welcome.

Having a BBQ? I'm your girl.
Not only do I have three bottles of Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce in my pantry, I've got two more bottles in my fridge.

BBQ sauce is the new ketchup, no?

Or maybe I just have a legit problem.

Yeah, let's go with the first. No problem here.

Spaghetti sauce, I've got three.
And two more partially used jars in my fridge.
I want moreeeeee.
(name that Disney movie)

Clearly the distinction between five cheese sauce and three cheese sauce is reason enough for my multiple purchases.

It's very common in this household that the boyfriend will come home and let me know he's just not feeling cheese number 4 or 5 and so he needs the three cheese.

Oh, wait...

I've got a sea of tuna fish in my pantry for those of you who are interested in a month long supply of tuna sandwiches.

Or maybe you have a cat? This is the place for you.

I honestly have no idea what even prompted this purchase or when I will ever put a decent dent in 12 cans of tuna fish.

Heres to hoping for a hurricane party?

I have enough pizza sauce to start a pizzeria. 

I just don't know when I'm going to have time to open Yoga Pants Pizzeria.

Or where I will find enough dough and cheese to mix with this pizza sauce.

I've got big plans for this one though guys, I promise.

Remember my pasta sauce collection up there?

I've got more pasta than pasta sauce. 

This shit is legitimately always on BOGO and for some absolutely unheard of reason, I continue to cave in to this purchase.

I really don't have any words for this display of carbohydrate affection. 

Oh, but don't get the "Healthy Harvest" pasta. That shit tastes like cardboard. Ew.

Boxed wine.

I have a stock pile of the shit. It always goes on BOGO and I can't stop stockpiling it.

I really hope you didn't believe that.

If Corbett Canyon, Franzia, or any other member of this family goes on BOGO, you bet your ass I will start my first and only stockpile.

I'm going to go make a turkey sandwich for my lunch now and use absolutely nothing that I listed in this post.
Have a fab day. I'm out!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Pink lips and football games.

Gooood morning, lovers! I am DRAAAAAGING this morning. I think I got about 2 solid hours of sleep last night and I'm feeling it bad... I've got to get on board with this melatonin thing so many of you ladies seem to be loving. My plan is to get on that TONIGHT. I needz my sleep.

This weekend flew by and I can't believe this is the last week of September. WHERE has 2012 gone?!

On Friday we went to happy hour and I rocked some hot pink lips. We are extreme homebodies so I'll use any excuse to bust out my current fav lipstick. 

Anyone else loving this bright lip trend going on right now? I can't get enough. They make me feel so Khloe Kardash. 

Side note from happy hour... we had fried banana peppers. Can we please talk about this for a second?! So delish. These were a close relative of my love, fried pickles, for sure.

After happy hour we went home where I proceeded to drink 2 more glasses of wine and fell asleep by 9. Your girl can't hang anymore and it's starting to get slightly embarrassing.

Saturday was game day aka my favorite excuse to day drink! We met up with my favsie honey boo boo, Kate and her hubz to watch the Gator game. I was the long ranger Nole fan but it's cool...  Garnet and gold are much more attractive colors. 

Once again, I came home from the bar and took a nap. I'm telling you, 20 year old Whitney wouldn't even know this person I am anymore. Not too long from now I'll be going to get fitted for some orthopedic shoes. Here's to hoping they have pink ones with sparkles.

Once I woke up from my hibernation nap it was time for my Noles to whoop some Clemson ass. They did not disappoint and I was one happy Nole fan!

Throwing this cutie in here because she looks like a munchkin waiting on the stairs for me to let her out in the morning. 

Yesterday I got to hang out with my mama for a little lunching and shopping. She finally convinced me to buy my new case for my iPhone 5 since we got shipping confirmation on Saturday. So ready for my new phoneeeee. Come to mama, Siri.

Which reminds me... I'm having a harder time deciding what I want Siri to call me than I did choosing a new case... which was really way more difficult than it should have been.

And with that, I think I'm done with my rambling for today. I warned you all, I'm running on little to no sleep. If you have feelings and thoughts on melatonin feel free to give me your two cents. I'm desperate for some good sleep without having trippy dreams and feeling like I'm a zombie in the morning.

Have a lovely Monday, all!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Getting down on Friday.

Am I the only one who wakes up with lioness hairz? Some mornings when I look in the mirror I wonder how people with hair like mine ever survived without irons and product. Just a thought since I actually took the time to tame this wild beast today. A special Friday treat, if you will
You're welcome, humans who are forced to come in contact with me today.

Anywho, let's write some letters. It's been a while since I've done a link-up and I'm already in happy hour mode, so the chances of my writing something with more substance is slim to none.

Dear Dogs, I'm thrilled you love sleeping in a king sized bed as much as I do but, for the love of Honey Boo Boo child, you both are a whole 12 pounds combined. How the HELL do you manage to take over my entire side during the course of the night? Oh and Ella, mommy does not appreciate you kicking her so you can stretch out and take up more of her space. It's pretty rude, if were being honest here. Dear Boyfriend, it's been quite a week. Yes it has. Our hula hoop party in the bathroom this morning was a blast. Also, I'm sorry I just shared that we pretended to hula hoop while we were brushing our teeth this morning. I love your sexy face. Dear Pumpkin Spice Bagels, DAMMIT you're so delicious. I've had one of you every day this week and I'm starting to feel you in my arse. We may need to break up - but I'm not convinced yet. Dear NYC, I can't even believe I'll be on a plane headed your way 2 weeks from today. I'm sooooo excited to show the boyfriend how amazing you are. PS. Please have weather in the 70's for me so I can wear scarfs and cardis. Dear Budgeting, As it turns out, you really do work, imagine that. Color me impressed. Dear Samilicious, You my girl, blue. Also, I was serious about us dancing in the rain together. Who do we consult about our states moving slightly closer?

Dear Readers, A sweet, misinformed, soul named Kayla invited me to take over her blog today. Read at your own risk. I explain my ambitions to be a reality star and also how I obtain free medical care. 

Have a fab weekend, lovers. I'm out!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

That girl with the blonde hair.

LADIES, you blew me away yesterday with the love, support and just overwhelmingly sweet words you left for me. The emails, messages and tweets - I can not thank each and every one of you for being so incredible. You all make this blogging thing ridiculously rewarding.

Today though, I have a slight issue... How the hell am I supposed to follow up such a blogging day? Usually I do tutorials on Thursdays but I've been so tied up in other (gettinwhittywithit) projects that I completely forgot to plan a tutorial for this week. I joked on Twitter yesterday that I was going to do a tutorial on how to open a box of wine, which I actually considered after the feedback I got, but I was sipping from one of those big bottles yesterday and didn't have a box on hand.

And so, I've decided to do another installment of if you really knew me because they're fun, I'm really weird, and I actually love reading other people's if you really knew me posts.

I love hearts. This may come as a shock to you, or not at all if you haven't visited my latest blog design. 

I used to be that obnoxious girl who dotted her "I"s with hearts.

I drink just about everything with a straw. Even chardonnay - when it's in my Tervis. 


I've been compared to these two chicks since American Pie (the original) and Dawson's Creek. 

Once Tara Reid went all Lindsay Lohan in this bish I kind of despised this comparison. 

When my face gains weight - I can usually see the Michelle Williams/Jen comparison. Now that she has no hair I don't really get this as much anymore - hallelujah! 

I have two tattoos

This one you see to the left is on the side of my right hip and is my favorite tat-child. It's a Dave Matthews Band lyric - if you didn't know. I got it about 2 years ago. 

My other is a small heart on my wrist. I got it when I was 19 and I almost passed out when I was getting it done.

PS. I'm terrified of needles.

I also have my belly button pierced & am convinced my stomach looks weird without it.

Growing up, my evil dance teacher used to always make comments to me on how far apart my eyes are... It's been an insecurity ever since. 

Photos like this make me cringe because I feel like maybe she was right. Maybe I do have creepy lizard eyes?

I Google everything.
Seriously everything.

I actually enjoy the taste of beer.

Once at a bar, a drunk woman was making fun of me to my best friend (not knowing she was my friend) saying that she was having a blast watching "that little blonde" pretend to like beer. People suck. :)

Fall beer is my all time favvvv type of beer.

I didn't like beer until I went to Florida State... a couple of parties with kegs of Natty Light and I was hooked. It was free booze, kay?


I'm Aunt Whitney to 4 kiddos but rarely get to see them because they don't live close. 

I'm not really a big fan of kids. They kind of scare me when they're really little... and then they grow up and get loud.

I do like the kids that say funny shit though. I'm always good for some unfiltered comments. 

And that's all I've got for you today, my loves. I'm outtie! 

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Why I Blog.

Good morning, lovers. Today is going to be one of those days where I take a second away from my normal, sarcastic persona and go on a slight rant. It's needed (for me, at least) and necessary after yesterday, when I was introduced to a side of this world I'm really not fond of. Not fond is putting it lightly... It was like finding out Santa isn't real, or something. The blogging world? Yeah, that shit can get really nasty, come to find out.

Now that I've removed myself and slept on what happened, I want to write about why I blog and how I got here. 

You see, to an outsider this blog world looks confusing (and a little bit of a joke, if you are my boyfriend). Where do you start? How to do you get started? What do you write about? etc. etc. The questions go on. There are so many different classifications of blogs out there, it can seem overwhelming. To me, that was what intrigued me. All of these people with something to say about so many things. I thought it was cool, I still do, actually.

Blogging gives everyone the ability to write about how they personally see things.

If you're anything like I was when I was starting out, you find a handful of your favorite bloggers and know that you want to build your blog to be like theirs. For me, this blogger was PinkLouLou. After I found her blog I just knew that if I had to be filed in some type of category of blogger, I wanted to be a part of this "lifestyle" blogging because PLL wrote about everything and anything she wanted - all things that appealed to me. 

Hair, makeup, going out, friends, love, heartbreak, happiness, sadness, celebrities. The list goes on.

You know what was really great about PLL and the other ladies I found with similar blogging styles? They said whatever they wanted to say, however they wanted to say it. Some were completely unfiltered and raw (looking at you, Ravey baby) and it sparked my interest in this thing even more. This world seemed to have no rules - I really liked that. 

So, I started a blog. A lifestyle blog to house my thoughts, feelings, rambles and nonsense. A space with no rules aside from the ones that I create for my self, personally. I write, I network, I link-up, I meet new people, I write a little bit more and I work my butt off to make this a place I want to be. It's a place for me to do as I please and for me to write about what I want to write about. I can actually justify being selfish here because it's mine and only mine.

There are no rules in blogging.
If only it was that easy.

You have to have pretty thick skin to stay afloat around these parts, as I came to find out yesterday. People will try and tear you down at any given moment and you have to constantly remember why you're here and what inspires you to continue writing each day. I continue to gain confidence from seeing the world through so many different ladies' eyes, who are so amazing to write such real and raw emotion. I am consistently inspired by the courage some of the ladies in this blogging world have, to put so much out there for so many of us to see - and relate to.

This world of blogging does not need to be a world full of bullies and it's ok to be a fan of people in this world, regardless of how large or little their "follower count" is. At the end of the day what is all of this really about? It's not about follower count or what clique you are, or aren't, a part of. It's about writing - because that's what blogging is. Write what makes you happy and support your peers who are writing about what makes them happy.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Let's all take a moment and laugh.

 I don't know about you all but I could use a good laugh right now.

My favorite joke...  (Yes, I'm well aware that I have the humor of a 7 year old... roll with it)

Source: via on

And because I'm really excited for my wine blate today with the one and old Kate from Sweet Southern  Sunshine... I feel this could be us tonight:

Source: via on

And that's all I've got today, friends. 

Anyone have a butter knife?

Monday, September 17, 2012

We're never gonna survive unless we get a little crazy...

Gooooood morning, lovers! And a big helloooo to those of you who are new here to my schpace on ze interwebz. I'm listening to Christmas music while I write this post, so excuse me if it's a little too jolly and holly for a Monday morning post. I can't help mahself, I've got the holidays in me! 

This weekend went by entirely too fast and since we are living the lifestyles of ballin' on a budget we really didn't do too much, aside from eating, drinking and (watching, only watching) football. Instead of posting one photo of us and telling you all how we watched college football all. day. long on Saturday - I'm just going to post a bunch of random nonsense. Who doesn't like random nonsense?

Ok, so just one.. in our college game day attire. Lovers divided, obvi.

PS. What's with my Kim K. ass in that photo? I assure you, as much as I wish I was, I'm certainly not packing that much heat in mah trunk. Totes keeping this dress on hand though, just in case I decide to be J.Lo or Kimmy for Halloweenie.

Once I watched my Florida State Seminolesssss whoop some Wake Forest tail I was over watching football... only problem is that that stinky Gator boyfriend was not. So, I snuggled with this little guy...
and I revamped my little bloggy's outfit. It's much more me now... I'm loving.

I'm TOTALLY in the swing of all things Fall now... minus infamous Pumpkin Spice Latte, cause your girl is trying to be budget friendly and someone once told me that a $5 cup of coffee isn't exactly budget friendly. Son of a bish. 

I did, however, pick up some pumpkin spice bagels yesterday... they were BOGO at Publix, and your girl lurrrves her some BOGO. And these bagels.

Go get some now.. with plain cream cheese.
Obvi I'm working on getting my ass to match that mirage of an ass in the first photo I posted.

I also spent way too much (see: over $5) on some Glade refills for the house...
And I wish I never found this scent because it's heaven. Our house legit smells like my heaven will smell. I just need some colder weather now so that my heat box of a boyfriend will submit to snuggling with me without our AC being turned down to 70 degrees.

There's a good chance I'm going to waste a lot more money on this scent. Totally worth it though. If I had a hat on my head I would tip it to you, Glade. You go, Glen Coco. 

My mom gave me the ultimate redneck gift yesterday. I plan on drinking boxed chardonnay out of this during this Wednesday's Honey Boo Boo. You betta redneckonize. 
(I can't wait to see how many innocent souls are directed to this blog by searching that now... really scary the amount of Honey Boo Boo clicks I get here)

And, so, really that's all I've got for you all today. Hope your Monday is not full of suck and if it is just go to Pandora and turn on my current favsie station:
I'm currently jingle bell rocking. Don't be too jealous. 

Friday, September 14, 2012

A day in my size 9's.

On Tuesday I saw everyone and their dog link-up, showing what they do from sun rise to sun set each day. Like most popular bloggy trends, I was instantly intrigued and browsed through as many similar posts as I could. I love seeing the behind the scenes views of you lovely bloggy ladies - aka I'm nosey as hell. 

Nosey is as nosey does, so to merit my nosiness I'm going to show you all what I do from day to day.

My alarm goes off around 7:32 but I continue to lay in bed until about 7:45 reading emails and browsing Twitter and Facebook.

Finally I realize that I'm not going to be able to eat breakfast or pack my lunch and arrive to work on time unless I move my ass - and so I get out of bed and do this morning routine. 

Once I've run some toothpaste through my mouth, a brush through my hair and thrown on some type of comfy outfit, I make my way down stairs with the kiddos and watch them wander aimlessly around the yard for about 10 minutes. 

This is usually the most obnoxious part of my day. These dogs could sniff around for the perfect pee pee spot for 15 minutes without success. I just don't get it.

Then I attempt to pack my lunch - which usually consists of leftovers, ramen noodles or a Lunchable. What can I say? I ball on a budget, my friends.

I also read sweet notes the boyfriend leaves me....

HA! Hahaha. JK. You really think he writes me a note every day? Not even close... but it was quite convenient that this sweet little diddy was there during the filming of this day. Kudos to you, boyfraanddd. 

Then I get in my cute little car and make my way to work... Except sometimes I get lost and end up at Dunkin Donuts. Ooops. 

Once I get to work at 8:30 I bullshit around until about 9:30 or 10... Usually stuffing my face with a lump of carbohydrates and some type of iced coffee. (oh hi, Melissa's blog)

All day long I have some form of website(s) I'm not supposed to have open. Usually it's Gmail, blogs and Twitter. (oh hi, Stephanie's blog) This is how I continue to stay employed by my boss full-time. He thinks I'm a slow but extremely detailed worker... Yep, lets go with that. 

Sometimes I even but off pretending to work all together and design blog layouts for people... on this day, in particular, it was Brooke's

Around 4-4:30 I leave work (yay). If it's Tuesday or Wednesday I get ready to go watch softball.

When I say "get ready" I mean fill a large tumbler with Chardonnay, grab a snack and wait for the boyfriend to storm through the house rushing for us to leave. We're usually late to softball... not that I care. Chardonnay is always on time, lezbihonest. 

Once we're done with softball we eat dinner out somewhere, usually fattening greasy food. Because I work up such an appetite sitting in my fold out chair, drinking wine. 

And then we go home and my boyfriend catches me looking REALLY attractive while I work on someone else's blog design... Usually he's mocking me "are you blooOOggingggg?!". Men, they just don't get it.

Around 10:30ish we head upstairs for bed... You know, because we're 80.
And that's my very exciting life. Good lord I need the weekend to hurry up and be here... that was kind of depressing.

PS. Go check out Brooke's new blog design I did for her! 

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