Friday, October 11, 2013

Bangerz That Azz Up

Today is music day around these neck of the woods and if you were unaware, my bestie Miley released her new album on Tuesday and it's nothing short of incredible. Even if you are the least fan of her possible, I urge you to continue reading because she knocked it out of the park on this one and you'd be crazy not to give it a shot. 

I'm taking today's #backthatazzup post and transforming it into Miley-palooza because I think you all need to give her new album a listen and also because I want to share my favorite tracks off of the album and why.

Adore You
I love lying next to you
I could do this for eternity
You and me were meant to be

This is by far one of my most favorite tracks on the entire album. The lyrics, the vocals, the emotion behind it. I relate to this one so, so much and it's on that continues to run on repeat since Tuesday.

Drive my heart into the night
You can drop the keys off in the morning
Cause I don't want to leave home, without your love

From the beat to the lyrics to that perfect raspy tone her voice carries throughout this song, I am obsessed. This is another one I can't get enough of and can't take off repeat. If you're willing to give any song on this album a chance, this is the one.

Wrecking Ball
I never meant to start a war
I just wanted you to let me in

While I realize this one has already been mainstreamed, it's really an amazing song, even despite anyone's feelings towards the music video. The lyrics in this one are something I think anyone who has suffered heartache can seriously relate with. I don't know, even being in a my current state of pure twitterpation, I can't help but to let this one take me away. 

This is the first time I get to see
Things I've never seen in my life
You make flowers grow under my bed

Ok, so admittedly, I'm a total sucker for lyrics pertaining to sex. Probably because my head is typically in the gutter, which you'd know if you've ever talked to me for point two seconds or more. In addition to the naughty lyrics in this one, the beat gets me all sorts of happy.

Also, if you haven't watched this acapella version of We Can't Stop, take a second to because it's just awesome.

And those are my top four pics from the Bangerz album, even though I could honestly listen to the entire thing on repeat, from start to finish, all day long. Which, really, is what I've been doing since Tuesday. This album totally knocked it out of the park and I think she definitely gave herself a lot of credibility with it.

If I had to pick a least favorite, and it's not even a total hate because I don't skip it by any means, it'd be 4x4.

Anyways, the entire album is amazing and if you haven't listened you've got to put it on your to-do list. Now, go link up and if you use Miley, I'll be even more excited about you.

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Happy Friday!
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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Hello Gorgeous - Getting Ready For Date Night

Every once in a while I'll get an offer to review a set of products that I'm actually interested in but have zero clue as to how the hell I'm going to put on the song and dance, if I like the product, because of the type of products they are. Case and point, today.

A few weeks ago I came home to a box full of goodies made specifically for my beer catcher. To say it was slightly comical to open a box full of dental products would be an understatement and bear was sure to throw a few jokes my way pertaining to the company Hello Products and how they clearly thought I needed a little help.

I've seen this line of products at Walgreens and have been intrigued by their modern packaging and fun flavors, so it was nice to be able to try a few different ones on for size. Come to find out, I'm quite a fan! Especially their twist on mint toothpaste that I got to try in Hello pink grapefruit mint flavor. Seriously tastes so good.

Taking care of my teeth is extra important these days because I've got this studly man candy to impress on the regular. I can't have funky smelling breath when my bear comes in for a kiss, if you catch my drift. I keep it so fresh and so clean in the mornings and nights with my Hello toothpaste, an extra little swig of Hello mouthwash when we get home from meals and/or the bar, and throughout the day with Hello breath spray.
Definitely be sure to visit Hello's website and find some of their products near you to try them out. They're animal cruelty free and all made here in good old 'Merica! I'm off to go steal a few smooches from bear now that my mouth's deliciously fresh but don't be too jealous, you can enter to win your own set of delicious Hello products.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

My Super Sober 21st Birthday

I am very (very) late for class today, but I promise I have a decent explanation. You see, 5 lovely blogging ladies (Juliette, Allie, Sami, Adriana, and Brittany) have decided to host a little link up today for us blog peoplez to discuss our 21st birthday. In typical me fashion, I woke up this morning completely unprepared but really wanting to participate, so I made the executive decision to show up late to class. I'll try to make your wait worth it, Teach, I promise.

You see, I took my 21st birthday very seriously, as I'm sure most of you could probably have guessed. Not only did I go out at midnight the night of, a large group of my friends and I took a school bus turned party bus to a night club in downtown Orlando and proceeded to swim our way through 8 bottles of liquor. Mind you, that was after my close friends and family had birthday dinner over 6 bottles of champagne.

It was quite the evening.

July 31st, 2008

When I got home from work on the eve of my 21st birthday my ex-fiance (boyfriend at the time) had a pretty sweet spread waiting on me and that cake was straight from Coldstone, aka one of his most favorite cakes, but that's neither here nor there. I gave him the cake and helped myself to the fully stocked fridge of booze to pregame my midnight celebration.

Luckily, nearly all of my friends had already turned 21 so I was able to scoop up a few for the midnight celebration. We hoochied up and my boyfriend at the time drove our eager asses to a bar downtown at precisely 11:56pm. To say I was excited to get carded would be a vast understatement.

And then I was that girl who took a picture of the clock that night.
I wish I could say this was a one time occasion but, typically, I end up with a midnight clock shot every year. Sorry, I'm kinda sorry. Soberly admitting this is slightly shameful.

We did some damage that night and things ended up pretty weird, as you can see by my napkin hat.

August 1st, 2008 - My 21st Birthday, bitches.
Ooooh, the day I never, ever want to re-live (like, ever), which ironically was one of the best days of my life.

We had dinner at the restaurant my parent's owned at the time with a few family members and my close friends. Somehow I ended up managing to get pretty trashed from the get-go at said dinner. I didn't hate it.

Did I mention I was dressed as a cupcake? Yeah, because that definitely happened.
Holla, Betsey Johnson.

This is pretty much the gist of the people we shoved into the party bus that night... I can't say for sure, because you're about to see a 21 year old blonde girl who absolutely blacked out on her birthday, but I'm pretty sure more people showed up and met us at the club later.

My big brother even came with us... he brought his pit stains and everything!

The party bus was.... insane. It had a stripper pole, which I managed to stay far away from thankfully, and couches all around the perimeter. If I remember correctly, which is questionable, there were also a bazillion crazy party lights and a disco ball. I wish that sucker would drive me around on the regular, really.

This is the soberist photo I have of myself from this night, and most definitely for the rest of this post.

When we got to the club, bottles of liquor lit on fire were being passed all around me. I'm not really sure who agreed to let those things near me in my state, but no one died so I guess it's all gravy. If you can't tell from my expression, I was happier than Honey Boo Boo sitting in a bucket of sketti and ketchup.

At one point through the night I made my best friend come with me to the bathroom because I was so full and needed to puke. She held my tiara while I, so lady like, proceeded to vom champagne, cake, vodka, and god only knows what else, like a champion. Once I was done, I gave the ol' vodka catcher a rinse and we headed back out to the dance floor to continue the festivities.

I'm fairly certain my friend and I are still the only ones who know about this little puke break to this day. Well, and now whoever reads this, I guess.

Keeping the duck face real since '08, y'all.

Also, I believe that is my sad, sad attempt at chucking up my deuces. Nailed it.

I then walked away to go see the bartender that was working one of the bars downstairs because she so happened to be the one who's ID I had been using for the last 2 years. (hashtag such a rebel) While I was down there, some woman introduced herself to me as Chris Rock's assistant and proceeded to buy me three top shelf cosmopolitan martinis as a birthday gift. I don't really believe that she was Chris Rock's assistant but, hey, if she wanted to pour $18 martinis down my throat for fun, have at it, sister.

I know this one's a blurry one, but I'm sure you can appreciate the small details you can see. I was definitely sober Sally, duh.

Speaking of sober Sally, the boyfriend I had at the time was in charge of keeping everyone's money together for the bottles that night. He ended up getting even more hammered than I was and losing half of the money. When it came time to pay the $6,000 tab (Don't freak out, there were a lot of people and everyone paid their portion.) he couldn't find the money and decided it was all my fault. This is when it was really fun having my big brother present... he put a stop to that yelling real fast. I still owe ya for that one, big broski. 

This is, unfortunately, the last photo of me from the night... I believe I was attempting to be a rockstar but slightly confused as I'm throwing up the ASL sign for I love you. Such a hard ass, I am. Also, please note I am holding on to a fire extinguisher box and leaning against the wall. You can imagine the scene it was getting that girl up there back on the party bus without face planting in the middle of downtown Orlando. Oh, if only Instagram video was a thing back then.
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And there you have it, my friends. My calm, low-key, mostly sober twenty first birthday. Which I never, ever want to relive because I honestly think I'd die.

Really though, I might need to go pop an Advil just reliving the night through these pictures. Oy.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Fighting My Arch Nemisis

A lot of you probably don't know this, but I'm a fashion school graduate. Yeppp, I've got me a shiny ol' bachelors degree in fine arts for fashion design and merchandising. See look? I even had to draw and stuff.

Ask me how many years I've used said degree.
Answer: Zero. Goose egg. Nada.
But I promise, I graduated... see?

Oh hey, didn't know I had a big brother and sister that look nothing like me (because we aren't blood related), did you?

Why? I love the idea of fashion more so than working in fashion.
What I really wanted out of my degree was to go into some type of PR for the fashion industry, but along the way I got caught up in photography and the PR dream got lost.

Either way, fashion is apart of me and is really something I do have a lot of passion for. Unfortunately with fashion comes my arch nemesis... Laundry. Which I've pretty much made clear I'm not a huge fan of, but when I saw Tide came out with Tide Pods I was instantly intrigued. I mean, anything to make doing laundry even a tiny bit more interesting has my vote, am I right? Yes, yes I am.

So maybe I'm a little bit easily amused but I was pretty intrigued with the whole idea of just throwing the little pac into my washing machine without having to dump a bunch of detergent into a cap and then have it go everywhere. Which, by the way, I always manage to drip all. over. the. place. Someone please tell me I'm not alone here? Also, I feel like I'm constantly using too much or not enough.. I mean, how does that cap really know how many articles of clothing I've got set to go for a ride in the machine?

In addition to the convenience and easy factor, Tide Pods were gentle on my clothes and didn't beat up on them! It cleaned, brightened and fought the inevitable (wine) stains I always have from being such a klutz. Also, these little pacs of clean are seriously budget diva approved and we all know how much I love to ball on a budget! For me, choosing to bathe my most fashionable clothing items in Tide Pods is a no brainer.

Why would you try out Tide Pods? Tell me for a chance to win a $100 gift card!

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