A Heart Like Mine

I'm so glad you're here! Really, I am, because now I don't have to talk to myself anymore.

You see, I sit in an office all by myself, all day long, and it tends to get lonely around here at times. Of course, as an (Partially... but it's a long story.) only child, I should be used to this but I'm just not. #ExtrovertProbs. My job is pretty cool, I guess, seeing as I really do get to wear yoga pants to work and, no, nothing I do involves the actual act of yoga. The closest these yoga pants have been to a gym is when I drive by my apartment complex's gym on my way to work in the morning. 

Enough of the work talk, that's not what I consider to be a lot of fun, which is how I like to keep things around here on most days. FUN. Coincidentally, I like to keep things in my real life the same way; fun and light hearted. So, I suppose that's what, kind of, shoves this blog into that strange, fuzzy, who-really-cares, "lifestyle blog" category. 

I'm a product of the 80's, '87 to be exact, and a lover of all things my youth was made up of. Nostalgia runs through my veins and, on any given day, there's a good chance I've played at least one 'Nsync album from start to finish, followed by a Spice Girls song or two, and topped off with a Hanson classic.  I do listen to other music too, which is why on Fridays around here I do this thing where I post some type of song and then ask all of my friends to do the same. I call it #backthatazzup Friday and I wouldn't hate it if you wanted to jump on that train a time or two. 

Speaking of nostalgia, somewhere around July of 2013 I began "exclusively dating", as we so slyly referred to it, my best friend since 9th grade, which is cool because it means I get to reminisce on old times all of the time. Typically around here he's known as bear, that's not his name but it's just what we all call him, and there's a good chance you'll hear a lot about him regularly. He really is the greatest guy I know, he supports my insane blogging antics, and he turned this stone hearted, love hating, negative Nancy into a big pile of mush. 
I really, really like telling stories, which is what inspired me to start this little diddy you've managed to stumble upon, but don't be fooled because 99.9999% of the stories I tell here are all true. I'm an open book and get a really bizarre and weird enjoyment out of sharing all of my stories for anyone to read. It's a strange and entertaining life I live and that's just how I like it.

Live Fearless is the saying that I remind myself of almost every day. To me it means to take chances every day, don't sweat the small stuff, and over all just live as if it were my last day. Sometimes it gets me into trouble, other times it leads me to waking up with some pretty rough hangovers, but so far it's changed everything about my life experiences for the better.

Oh, and then I got it tattooed on my arm.
Mean people make me sad, unicorns are real, Bagel Bites are a delicacy, the word "fuck" is my BFF, long live hashtagging and YOLO, and if you truly want to put a smile on my face just go ahead and adorn me with unlimited quantities of Chardonnay, Miller Lite, and shots of Fireball whiskey. 

Oh oh, and if your name is Miley Cyrus you are one of my most favorite people in all of the land. 

Please keep your seat belts securely fastened, have a cocktail or four, and enjoy your flight into Yoga Pants Land.

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