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Got a whole bunch of time to waste spare? Here is a list of some posts that have gotten some attention. 
No promises that they are worth reading, but they got a lot of clicky clickies and who doesn't like clickies?

The story of bear and I, also my most favorite post to date.

26 Wishes For Whit's 26th
A must-read post written for my 26th birthday.

10 Reasons You Should Be Drinking Boxed Wine
Self explanatory, really. 

Male Species I Just Can't
A look at a few types of guys I just can not. 

5 Things Frowned Upon IRL That Are Acceptable In Blogging
Also quite self explanatory.

Misconceptions of Lifestyle Bloggers
I put some "lifestyle" blogging misconceptions to the test. 

People During Twitterama (Twitter Drama)
Which one of these are you when you catch a Twit feud?

The Science of Women
The inevitable scientific facts of being a woman.

10 Things Bloggers Should Never Do
Some things to keep in mind if you're a new or old blogger.

Spice Girls Life Lessons
My personal ode to the Girls of Spice and what they've taught me.

How I Ruined My Best Friend's Romantic Evening
That time I walked in on the most romantic evening that was not planned for me.

Not overwhelmed, not underwhelmed, not even just whelmed.
A look into my struggle with anxiety.

My feelings on staying true to the person I want to be.

I believe in...
A few things in life I believe life isn't worth living without.

12 Pains of Christmas
This post is an example of what the holidays do to me.

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  1. Hi Whitney! I just found your blog and I have to say I'm simply in love! I recently started a lifestyle blog myself (http://www.abeautifullittleadventure.com) and you've truly inspired me to be true to myself. Love it! Thanks for sharing your life - I'm so happy to have a new distraction at work. xoxox Katie


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